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With the threat of the Lady becoming a greater issue, a certain pilot requested permission to be able to sortie in order to do what he could. However there were many issues in allowing him to do so - his previous actions both benign and hostile - made it truly difficult for any consensus to be reached. However eventually a decision was made. Leos would be allowed to Sortie - but only until the threat of the Lady was ended, and only with a handler ensuring he would not go rogue.

Thankfully one was provided at the recommendation of Flit Asuno.

Wingman Name: Lana Zwei Nielsen - Hustler Nine
Robot Name: Gafran Lana Custom
Robot Description: A modified Gafran utilizing systems devised by the AGE system. The Gafran-LC has two equipment loadoutds:

Terrestrial Combat Pack
Liberta Sword -
A weapon derived from the Shigeru Blade with twice the cutting power. It is capable of carving through beam saber blades.
Beam Daggers - Adjustable Output Beam Sabers
Battle Shield - A standard shield that works best in up close and personal battles. Also serves as the Liberta Sword's sheath.

The Terrestrial Equipment gives the Gafran additional armor plating that allows it to push its combat potential when in an environment with Gravity, allowing for greater balance and stronger swings with its primary weapon. However it has absolutely zero ranged capacity.

Space Combat Pack
DODS Long Rifle - An extended version of the Mass Produced DODS gun. Bearing marginal improvements in range and strength to the standard MP DODS Rifles utilized by the Adeles but little else.
Beam Vulcans - Rapid Fire Beam Guns. Low stopping power, but they're fast.
Beam Sabers - Adjustable Output Beam Sabers that are much stronger than the beam daggers on the Terrestrial combat pack.

The Space Combat pack allows the Gafran to utilize a streamlined flight mode for extra mobility. In comparison to the Terrestrial Combat Pack, this one relies more on speed and agility - though it is no slouch with firepower. However it lacks solid weapons - so against enemies with anti-beam capabilities there's a bit of an issue.


Sep. 21st, 2014 10:25 pm
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Robot Name: Pale Rider (Complete)
Robot Description: The complete form of Pale Rider, now boasting far superior performance from all perspectives. In addition to further improvements to the internal systems, stronger armor grants the AC a much higher rate of survivability compared to its downright pitiful performance early on, able to take a hit and have enough energy to dish out just as much damage in return.

The AC itself is now also armed to the teeth, bearing a now repaired and considerably powerful KARASAWA Plasma rifle that had been looted from the wrecked AC Icy Blue, a vertical missile launcher capable of unleashing massed volleys of explosive death, and a large back mounted laser cannon to add even more devastation.

Additionally it also mounts a pair of Type-74 PB blades - partly due to the fact that Leos seems to handle them a little better than the Laser Blades ACs use, but mostly due to the advertising campaign PROGTECH pulled a while back. Additionally, the presence of the melee halberds frees up space on the AC's forearm usually utilized for Laser Blades - allowing for PROGTECH to use the Pale Rider both as a test unit as well as a humongous advertisement for a newly developed arm mounted energy shield.

The aforementioned shield can fend off most standard ballistics and energy weapons, but higher powered variants, missiles and explosives would be an issue. Also because its an energy field it can double as a weapon in a pinch.

The Pale Rider's internal systems had also been completely overhauled - meant to take full advantage of Leos' new modifications - allowing him to get far greater bang for his buck so to speak. Unfortunately this means any equipment or programming seen as 'non-essential' has been stripped out. Including what most people would regard as safety or emergency measures.

Size: M

Terrain compatibility:
Air: C
Ground: A
Water: D
Space: A
Favored terrain: Ground

Side Notes

May. 24th, 2014 10:36 am
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Ethermaster Drone: A copy of Leos' Frightener AC with all the capabilities it had, unhindered by the limit of a human pilot. Controlled by an AI based off of Leos post Nineball but prior to his temporary rejoining of the Unity Group. Is ruthless in fighting style and will pull unexpected tricks in combat.

Pale Rider Drone: A copy of Leos AC during his time in the Unity Group in its final iteration. Unhindered by the limit of a human pilot. Controlled by an AI based off of Leos during his Unity Group days prior to the defeat of Nineball. Is reckless and surprisingly vicious in fighting style. It will pull punches against pilots/mecha it recognizes.

Phobos: In addition to being a martian moon being sent hurtling towards the Earth it is essentially chock full of weapons and drone construction facilities. Meaning that it can literally spew out firepower and armies like nobody's business - making getting to it a difficult prospect. Essentially this is to make it the reason why only the Unity Group was able to break through. Additionally the entrance to get into the interior of the moon facility is a Skull Fortress with laser cannons in the eye holes. Leos never really did let go of that fixation.

Disorder Units:
The Drones that Phobos spits out with frightening regularity. Variants are as below:

: Slow moving but numerous. Armed with laser shotguns mounted to its body. Size S.

Sauterelle: Reverse Jointed humanoid type. Seven Beam Weapons in total scattered across its body. Primarily found on the surface of Phobos, adding their firepower to that of the gun emplacements as they have no thruster capability. Size M.

r: Humanoid Type. Weapon arms function as both beam shotguns and beam sabers. Extremely powerful boosters allow it rapid movement, its frame however is rather fragile.

Luciole: Uncommon Non-Humanoid Type. The Lower Body is equipped with machineguns, the flight units contain high explosive bombardment cannons, and it has a missile launcher located on the central body.



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Lana Nielsen
Leos' Operator. Essentially acting as both his mission support and manager -  passing him updates during missions on changing situations and keeping track of his Arena Career. She comes off as a chilly and detached woman who brooks no nonsense, given Leos' fear of angering her she may have a terrifying temper as well though she never seems to show it. Despite this however she does have a heart and will often be surprisingly sympathetic, even kind - given the role she had in assisting Leos in finding a way to avenge his loved ones, this may possibly be why he refuses to seek out other Operators who could probably give him an easier time.

Lana and Elan will approach the Unity group to offer Leos' services as a pilot.

However as time progresses in the canon, she seems to become more 'off' in several minor ways and her motives begin to be called into question. Details regarding this will be revealed on the finale.

Elan Cubis
The head of R&D for the PROGTECH Corporation, a top scientist, investigator and Leos' Arena Sponsor. Personable and friendly, Elan will have a chance to interact with people during some of the missions. PROGTECH itself will contribute some assistance to the Unity group, though admittedly it would be minor.

Feeling that there is some sort of pattern in regards to incidents at the Ark and several instances of Corporate Battles and Sabotage, he will come to rely on the Unity Group and Leos to assist him in the days to come... because his investigaion will eventually lead to a dangerous figure taking notice.

Hustler One:
The proverbial white whale to Leos' Ahab. The pilot of AC Nineball is the top ranked pilot in the Arena and one of the deadliest Ravens in the Nest's stable. Yet despite being such a high profile figure nobody has ever seen his face. His motives are also downright impossible to understand as many of the things he undertakes are often without reason or rhyme. All that is known is that if he comes for you or if you challenge him, you're in for a world of hurt. As the plot progresses, more of Nineball is revealed. He is undeniably vicious and often speaks disdainfully to others.


Missions under the cut )


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Player Name: Jockey
Personal LJ: You all know this I hope
AIM Contact: This too
Character Name: Leos Klein
Source Canon: Armored Core 1: Master of Arena
Community Tag: Leos Klein
Do I want a HMD: Yes

Background: Leos is a fresh initiate to the Raven's Nest - A paramilitary organization that not only hires out mercenaries but also offers gladiatorial entertainment for the masses by having those under their employ or participants offered up by sponsors to battle it out in their various arenas. This combat is not to the death nor is it on foot of course, for such fights are archaic and for the most part illegal. Whether in the arena or out of it, the mercenaries of the Raven's Nest make use of highly modular mecha known as Armored Cores and more than often such machines begin to reflect the skill and personality of their user with the more time the pilot spends working on the machine.

Prior to his induction, Leos was as ordinary as one would expect, living with his parents and little brother, continuing his studies and keeping a relationship afloat and holding a well maintained social life. One would never expect a future model citizen like him to become embroiled within the likes of the Raven's Nest. This idyllic life could not last, for the city his home was in was soon swallowed up by a major conflict. Murakumo Millenium and Chrome, a pair of influential corporations seeking to expand their territory came into conflict with each other. They hoped to utilize a show of force upon each other with proxy armies and mercenaries in hopes of intimidating the other. It merely led to an all out battle.

Leos was one of the few survivors and surprisingly made it out with minimal physical injuries. However he was the only one, his family and almost all of his friends however had perished in the conflagration, some of them in front of him, others when he came across their bodies as he frantically ran through the ruins of the city. Those that remained were either hospitalized with no hope of recovery or just left without a word, unable to acknowledge the magnitude of the disaster. The whole incident left deep running scars in him, and there was a vicious and angry hatred burning in his heart for one of the attackers in particular - Hustler One, The pilot of Nineball. The Mercenary had been hired by one of the sides that had taken part of the battle, though whichever one it was Leos did not really care - both may as well have been the same to him.

Lost, and alone, Leos tried his best to find a way, ANY way to get some form of revenge despite lacking connections and funds. Enter Lana Nielsen, an operator with the Raven's Nest. Sympathetic to his plight despite her frosty demeanor, she offered him a chance with a single question. 'Do you want to be a Raven?'. If there were any catches within the offer, Leos didn't care - after all he had nothing to lose. With nothing else left, a new Raven entered the fold - waiting for his chance to fight his way to the top, in the Arena and out of it.

Personality: One would expect the sheer tragedy and pain that would have rendered Leos a brooding and vengeful figure or at the very least a broken and solemn mess. In a way both descriptions manage to get it at least half right. Leos is indeed vengeful and broken, but he manages to hide it very well underneath an appearance of unmitigated cheer and sociability. The vivacious and energetic personality he puts out was more or less how he acted before the whole tragedy which had looped him into the life he is currently living.

Whether its because he acts in such a way to cope or merely because he just can't let go of how he acted before because its one of the few things he has left or even if its simply a facade to maintain before he lets loose with the hatred and anger he keeps penned up for the target of his vengeance is a difficult matter to pin down, for it could be any or all of these that he acts the way he does.

Capabilities and Resources: Admittedly at this point, the major resources Leos has are solely tied to his Arena sponsors the PROGTECH corporation. All he has otherwise is his robot.


Robot Name: Pale Rider

Robot Description: A barebones beginner level AC. The Pale Rider is a bipedal and primarily ground based mecha on par with most Standard Issue mecha in circulation. It is capable of taking something of a beating though, having armor that is capable of resisting repeated energy weapon strikes - though eventually even the toughest armor can break.

Its weapons are also somewhere along the mediocre side as well. The AC is armed with a low level Laser Rifle that is operated by a combination of an external energy pack and the AC's own generator. A Laser blade for close combat attacks, and lastly a pair of back mounted missile launchers.

However it would be noted that while the Pale Rider is completely unimpressive externally, it is much more impressive under the hood. Much of Leos' initial funds as well as the few he gained from his placement matches in the Arena went into improving the various internal systems within the AC. As such it boasts a stronger power grid, better targeting systems and greater agility and mobility to make up for sub par armor and below average weapons systems.

Size: M
Terrain compatibility:
Air: D
Ground: B
Water: D
Space: B
Favored terrain: Ground


Robot Name: Pale Rider (Complete)
Robot Description: The complete form of Pale Rider, now boasting far superior performance from all perspectives. In addition to further improvements to the internal systems, stronger armor grants the AC a much higher rate of survivability compared to its downright pitiful performance early on, able to take a hit and have enough energy to dish out just as much damage in return.

The AC itself is now also armed to the teeth, bearing a powerful KARASAWA laser rifle - a devastating energy weapon capable of sustained fire, a considerably higher powered laser blade, a vertical missile pod capable of unleashing massed volleys, and an even larger back mounted laser cannon.

However, what makes this upgrade even more lethal is that by this point, Leos would have undergone Human PLUS surgeries - effectively making him a cyborg that is more than capable of linking to his machine and giving him an unparalleled level of control to the point that its reaction speed is 1:1 and has a far greater range of movement than the standard controls that had previously been used.

There's also this later on after he leaves and returns.

Job: Gun For Hire/Arena Combatant

Suggested Event List: In a seperate Journal

Sample Post: Here, Here and Here


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